• Light Denim Allinone

    Light Denim Allinone

    "All-in-one is an indispensable item for my closet," says Shino Kanuma.
    The all-in-one that uses thin denim and pursues comfort
    "I want women to enjoy the design that makes it easy and fashionable!"
    The first design I came up with in this collection.
    Details such as zips are unified with silver to achieve simplicity.
    By attaching a high-waisted drawcord, you can adjust the waist squeeze and be conscious of style up.
    Even in a relaxed silhouette, it suits each wearer's body shape
    The point is that you can adjust the form.
    The color is black and "I feel like wearing a color that makes me feel good just by looking at it."
    Choose turquoise blue.

  • Light STR Denim Dress

    Light STR Denim Dress

    "A design with a wide range of defense that can be enjoyed in 2 ways"
    The point I was particular about was putting in removable shoulder pads.
    By inserting shoulder pads, you can create a modest sharpness in the silhouette.
    At weekends, you can enjoy it even if you remove the shoulder pads and relax.
    It is possible to use it properly according to the scene.
    It is also a big point that the front body of the round collar and the back body of the V neck are 2 ways that can be worn even if they are turned upside down.
    The body of the V-neck has a zip up to the hem, so the slits can be adjusted.
    Available in two colors, the classic black and the royal blue, which "calm and gorgeous is active in any scene."

  • Light Denim Military Short Allinone

    Light Denim Military Short Allinone

    A short length all-in-one with perfect comfort and functionality that makes you want to call it a "midsummer uniform".
    The three-quarter sleeves of the puff sleeves add a sense of mode and femininity to boyish items.
    It also gently covers the upper arm, so the point is that people of all shapes can enjoy it.
    The slightly longer short length pants
    We are conscious of a design that adults can enjoy daily while being fresh.
    People who are not good at minis are all-in-one
    The design makes it easy to take on challenges.
    We also choose the classic black and the orange that is "perfect for the summer sunshine!"

  • Denim Short Trucker JKT / Denim H / W 80S PS

    Denim Short Trucker JKT / Denim H / W 80S PS

    The denim jacket has a cocoon silhouetted back and rounded sleeves.
    In a design that feels sophisticated femininity even in a casual style.
    By making it short length, it is easy to balance when coordinating, and it is possible to produce a feeling of omission.
    An adult length that is not too short and can be worn lightly on a dress.
    Wide straight 2-tuck denim pants
    Achieves a clean silhouette both from the front and from the back.
    While taking advantage of the goodness of denim, it gives an impression that it is not too casual.
    A simple yet light and sophisticated book that adults can enjoy.
    It features a high-waisted design with a thick belt.


Shino Kanuma

Born in Yokohama in 1976
1998 Studied under MORIYASU
2000 Started activities after independence