MINEDENIM ONLINE STORE accepts hemming of denim pants ordered.

[Type of hemming]

Chain stitch (chain stitch)

Price ¥ 1,650(tax included)

This is a sewing method often used for jeans.
You can enjoy the hit that appears on the hem due to aging.
*Products with processed hems can also be accepted, but the fit will be impaired.

Cut-off (uncut)

Price ¥ 1,100(tax included)

The fabric is not rolled inward and the hem is left uncut.
Stitch the outseams to prevent tearing.
Natural fringes appear over time.

Unprocessed parts

Price ¥ 3,300(tax included)

This is a sewing method in which the original hem is left intact and sewn to the specified length.
You can enjoy it without losing the feel of the hem.
  • ・After selecting the desired inch from the product page, please fill in the type of hem and desired inseam length using the form.
  • ・Please specify the length in 1cm increments.
  • ・The measurement method is as follows.

*It will take approximately 1 week to 10 days from order to delivery.


  • ・As this service requires hemming at the time of order, we are unable to mail or bring the product in after it has been delivered to the customer.
  • ・Even if you specify hemming for products that are not covered by the service, we cannot respond.
  • ・We cannot accept any changes after the length is specified.
  • ・We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer circumstances such as a different image after using this service.
  • ・As this service requires advance payment, we cannot refund the fee if you select the wrong hemming type.
  • ・Because hemming is done manually, there may be some errors.
    Therefore, ±1 cm is acceptable.

Please use this service after understanding and acknowledging the above.