MINEDENIM is a brand where standards and innovation coexist without being bound by the traditional denim brand framework and preconceived ideas.

The design and pattern that is too particular about vintage and does not fit the tastes of modern people, and the craftsmanship that tries to reproduce the good old techniques of the past.

MINEDENIM proposes denim with a beautiful silhouette, baptized details, and a realistic look, cutting off this impression.There is also quality.

We have our own factory that has been sewing denim for over 30 years in Okayama, which is famous as a denim production area, and the quality is with origami.

We are also focusing on the development of new fabrics and new processing by working with Japanese denim producing areas that boast the highest technology.And the direction is Tsuyoshi Noguchi, a stylist who has touched denim widely from vintage to mode.

We propose a baptized denim style with the experience and aesthetics of Tsuyoshi Noguchi, who has been watching not only vintage but also mode for many years.

The MINEDENIM brand moves away from conventional denim brand frameworks and stereotypes to bring standards and innovation into coexistence.

Designs and patterns that overemphasize vintage and focus on craftsmanship that reproduces the good old techniques of the past result in clothing that is unfashionable, unrefined, and incompatible with the preferences of people today.

The beautiful silhouettes, refined detail, and real look of denim clothing by MINEDENIM is a complete departure from such outdated styles.

Quality is another element of our fine denim clothing. Our factory in Okayama, a district renowned for denim production, has a history of more than 30 years of successful manufacturing of denim clothing of guaranteed quality.

We are also working with Japanese denim producing centers that boast advanced manufacturing techniques to develop new materials and processing techniques.

And direction is provided by stylist Tsuyoshi Noguchi who has been involved with a broad range of denim from vintage to mode.

Noguchi's experience and aesthetic sense honed from long years of watching vintage and mode styles have given birth to a uniquely sophisticated denim style.