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Yoshimasa Hoshiba and Tsuyoshi Noguchi have been working hard in the field of fashion magazines for many years as editors and stylists.The special denim that they worked on was completed.This collaboration started with "MINEDENIM" directed by Noguchi responding to the request of the select shop "MINIMAL WARDROBE" presided over by Hoshiba.From the dialogue before the start of the project, we will understand the love of denim and the view of fashion.

I met more than 20 years ago

HoshibaIt's been more than 20 years since I was a publisher when I first joined the company as a member of society.

(I.e.I agree.The first time I met him was when Hoshiba was in the editorial department of World Photo Press's "MA-1".At that time, the dry ground had only the image of denim on the riders or military coat.

HoshibaAt that time, I didn't know right or left, and I caused a lot of trouble to Mr. Tsuyoshi.But since then, Mr. Tsuyoshi has always been my dream.

(I.e.That wouldn't happen (laughs).

HoshibaNo, I'm one of the fashion masters.I just think it's selfish (laughs).Even after moving to another publishing company, every time I met him at an overseas show venue or interview, he always dressed cool and was insanely inspiring.

(I.e.That's nice (laughs).

HoshibaToday, I brought my favorite MINEDENIM denim.I've fixed it a little and cut it off, but this is the "Standard Slim" that I always wear.This is probably the black "super slim" that Mr. Tsuyoshi is wearing.The rest is "Slim Tapered" that I bought in a rigid (raw denim) state.

(I.e.Yeah.They bought so much (laughs).

Hoshibayes.If you buy "Standard Slim" first, it looks good and is easy to wear.So I'm completely addicted to it.

I want to grow denim from its raw state

HoshibaSuddenly, I have one request.

(I.e.What, suddenly?

HoshibaWould you please make a collaboration denim with MINIMAL WARDROBE?

(I.e.I came.The one you said a little when you went to Gohan?

HoshibaThat's right, that's right.

(I.e.Let's do it.Even if Hoshiba didn't say it, I was actually thinking of asking from here (laughs).

HoshibaEh, is that true?

(I.e.Because it looks interesting.There is no other person like Hoshiba (laughs).

Hoshibawhat do you mean? (Smile)

(I.e.Hoshiba fans are adults, people who have a decent job and are interested in fashion, aren't they?Besides, now that the dry ground is old enough to look good in a suit.I want those people to wear MINEDENIM as well.

HoshibaThank you very much.So don't hesitate to hit me with my worldly desires (laughs).

(I.e.Please, please (laughs).

HoshibaI heard that there is no "super slim" rigid.

(I.e.There isn't.But isn't rigid and "super slim" silhouette-wise?Is the type with stretch good?

HoshibaYes.Please include a stretch.

(I.e.Then it might be good.

HoshibaI first bought Levi's rigid denim when I was 16 years old, and it took me more than 15 years to get worn out.But then I didn't do the act of growing denim from its raw state with attachment.

(I.e.The processing has evolved a lot compared to the past.Everyone can't wait until it tastes good.But it's nice for adults to wear rigid.

Original pattern for collaboration

HoshibaI think the appeal of MINEDENIM is, as Mr. Tsuyoshi said before, that it can be worn in a tatami room.However, the model I have with the "Slim Tapered" selvedge is a little thick for me.

(I.e.Because that's how it looks (laughs).

HoshibaThat's right (laughs).Actually, I heard from the shop before that it is difficult to make "Super Slim" with denim with selvedge because it uses a pattern that follows the roundness of the body.

(I.e.It may look similar, but the patterns are completely different. The "Super Slim" is more like slacks and is curved from the hips to the thighs to make the legs look beautiful, while the "Slim Tapered" weaves denim on a 70-80 cm wide shuttle loom. And I'm cutting it straight to leave the selvedge.

HoshibaSo that's it.Of course, I'm satisfied with this, but do you call it something that doesn't exist?Wouldn't you like to enjoy aging with your favorite model?The degree of discoloration is completely different depending on whether there is a selvedge or not.

(I.e.That's right.Because the atari of the ears comes out.

HoshibaSo it doesn't have to be exactly the same.I hope you can make it as close to "super slim" as possible.

(I.e.I have to redraw the pattern, but it looks like it can be matched with a jacket, and it looks like a dry place.As expected, the tailor's father (laughs).

HoshibaThen is that okay?

(I.e.I told you to do it (laughs).

If it's skinny, one size up

HoshibaI'm a little relieved, so I'll move on to another topic from here.

(I.e.It's good (laughs).

HoshibaIn the case of denim, I think how the color fades is important, but what kind of thing does Mr. Tsuyoshi like?

(I.e.I like the vintage look.Everyone has different facial expressions one by one.

HoshibaThe degree of discoloration changes depending on your body shape and lifestyle.

(I.e.yes.It's fun to have a taste and become one of your own.

HoshibaYes.I'm looking forward to seeing how the rigid denim I requested earlier will change as I put it in.By the way, is the sample of denim fabric lined up in the order corner on the XNUMXnd floor (of the MINEDENIM flagship store) a color sampled from the vintage stock owned by Mr. Tsuyoshi?

(I.e.There is also such a thing.

HoshibaThen, is there a store here, so to speak, the entire denim collection of Mr. Tsuyoshi?

(I.e.That would be an overstatement.I'm doing it while getting ideas from the processing shop (laughs).

HoshibaI used to look at the denim that Mr. Tsuyoshi used to wear in magazines and on the internet, and searched for second-hand clothing stores in the suburbs of Tokyo to see if there was something similar to that, but that's not the case.

(I.e.Because old clothes are not the same.That is also a good place.

HoshibaBy the way, my denim style is greatly influenced by Mr. Tsuyoshi, but I think that there are many people who are confused about how to choose or do not know how to do it.Can you give some advice to those people?

(I.e.First of all, don't you hate it and just try what you like?Especially men have few choices.If you put on your favorite denim, you'll definitely find something that suits your body shape.However, many Japanese people want to hide the complex.

HoshibaI agree.

(I.e.You shouldn't worry about that.Even if you think your thighs are a little thick, if you hide them, they will get thicker and thicker.Your body shape will change as you see it.

HoshibaAlso, denim is fashionable, isn't it?Skinny or super slim, on the other hand wide.

(I.e.I think young girls can be skinny.However, for an old man like us, if it's skinny, I think it's better to make it one size larger.He would be uncomfortable if Ojisan was wearing pitch-pitch denim.There are people who are just right.I really want you to stop that.

HoshibaThat is very important, isn't it?

(I.e.yes.After all I have to afford a little.

HoshibaWhen I go out for a night out, there is a man who has a denim that fits insanely and has knee and calf lines.

(I.e.It's completely NG (laughs).

Yoshimasa Hoshiba
Fashion director

Editor-in-chief of "FORZA STYLE".Brand creative director. Born in Tokyo in 1973.Born as the son of a tailor for three generations, he became an editor at the age of 20. After working in the editorial departments of "MA-1", "mono MAGAZINE" and "Esquire Japan", he was involved in the launch of popular men's magazines such as "LEON" and "OCEANS". He became independent at the age of 37, established Style Clinic Co., Ltd., and became the representative director. In 2013, he became the editor-in-chief of "Sette Mari", a men's and women's magazine that loves cruise ships.Currently, he is active as the editor-in-chief of Kodansha's web magazine "FORZA STYLE", which proposes a high-quality lifestyle centered on videos.


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