Mr. Hitoki Nakamura, a former staff member of the used clothing store "VINTAGE KING" in Urahara
A brand that deals with design.
Dead stock fabric and vintage clothing peculiar to used clothing
Taking advantage of the feeling of horse mackerel and twist created by aging
Reconstruct items and make unique clothes
A reproductive brand to develop.

The second collaboration with OLD PARK is the coach jacket.
A lineup of 2 types of shirts and 4 types of denim pants.

Based on the identity of OLD PARK
Completely bespoke ordered by MINEDENIM.

  • Flannel Denim Coach JKT

    Flannel Denim Coach JKT

    Dismantle the old flannel shirt,
    A coach jacket that has been reconstructed to match like a patchwork.
    Used denim is used for the cuffs and hem, and it can be combined with different materials.
    Design the details of the denim jacket
    Mine denim original lining
    Leopard pattern jacquard cupra is used.

  • OP Check Denim Flannel SH

    OP Check Denim Flannel SH

    Mine denim original check shirt fabric
    The old flannel shirt was dismantled and rebuilt.
    Band color layered shirt.
    Various ways of wearing are possible depending on how to match the front.

  • Bandana Zip Denim SH

    Bandana Zip Denim SH

    Mine denim original
    Dismantle the black denim western shirt,
    Reconstructed using old clothes bandana.
    A design that allows you to see the inner bandana by opening and closing the zipper that extends from both shoulders.
    A slider with a bandana for the pull of the back zip.

  • Rebuild Slim Flare Jeans

    Rebuild Slim Flare Jeans

    Dismantle various used jeans, boldly cut the center of the left, right, front and back
    Reconstructed and finished design.
    Vintage-like CRASH & USED processing.

Because I am remaking using old clothes
There is discoloration and damage due to aging.
In addition, each detail will be different one by one, so it will be a one-of-a-kind item.
Thank you for your understanding and understanding before purchasing.