Yasuhiro Watanabe

Daily close, MINEDENIM as a style

Yasuhiro Watanabe
Yasuhiro Watanabe

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WTNB.Tapered 5pocket RGD

"Navy on Navy"

What made you start wearing navy blue?

Mr. Yasuhiro Watanabe (hereinafter referred to as Watanabe)_Kikake is a little too strong for me if it's black, so I became navy.Isn't navy good?
I feel elegance and intelligence.
I think that navy is just better than black for my character.

When did you start wearing navy?

Watanbe_Originally, navy was the mainstream, but I think it's been 5 to 6 years ago that I've been devoted to it. From there, I rarely wear anything other than navy.
I sometimes wear a black coat or khaki in winter, but -------
But my standard is to wear a basic navy T-shirt and navy denim pants.

Denim is worn rigidly without allowing water to pass through.

Watanbe_yes.Navy blue is good, isn't it?I like dark navy even if it's navy.
I like dark blue, which is as close to black as possible, but it's hard to find.
Surprisingly, the T-shirt is also dark blue.

Are you particular about wearing denim?

Watanbe_ When tapered, roll up to the ankle length with leather shoes, and when the silhouette is thick, wear white classic sneakers.
The top is basically a T-shirt. Isn't it a change of the times that the size of T-shirts is getting bigger and just right?A feeling of length.
It's not that I'm wearing the same thing all the time, but the feeling of size and length is something that I'm particular about putting in and out of the details, and I have fun, but my hobbies and tastes are huge. It's no longer changing.
After the middle of 40 years old, rather than trying a new style, I'm particular about the taste of Ojisan, which means that I like it and update what suits me in more detail.

How did this collaboration start?

Watanbe_Actually, there aren't many navy denims with navy stitches in the world, and although they appeared in other brands in the past, there aren't any silhouettes or things that aren't as good as they are, so I made them in collaboration with MINEDENIM. It's from the point of trying.

Yasuhiro Watanabe stylist
Active in many artists, fashion shows, advertisements, etc.
23 years of stylist experience
Check out the Paris Fashion Week men's twice a year.

Height 176cm Wearing size 32inch