Daily close, MINEDENIM as a style

Fashion Curator



What model are you wearing?

Mr. POGGY (hereinafter POGGY)_WILDSIDE × MINEDENIM flannel check open collar shirt and leopard fur lining denim trucker jacket.

Please tell me the points of coordination.

POGGY_Until now, I didn't like wearing all black because I thought it looked too cool because I wasn't the second character, but lately I've realized that I can wear black with distressed items and other items to make it look more like me, so I often wear it like this. I am coordinating it.



Please tell me about the pants you are wearing.

POGGY_I've been wearing flared pants a lot for the past few years, but this year I started wanting to wear thicker pants, and slacks don't look like me, so I thought these Carhartt double knee pants would be perfect.



Please tell us about the other items in the coordination.

POGGY_The cap is from THE ROLLING STONES×PROLETA RE ART, the necklace is from goro’s, the boots are from CLINCH, and the key charm is from Pokemon.
By the way, I'm wearing the key charm so it doesn't look too cool (lol), but it's actually vintage from the 90s.


Height: 170cm Wearing size: Shirt M, Outerwear M

POGGY Fashion Curator

Joined UNITED ARROWS in 1997. After working in sales staff and PR, in 06 she opened Liquor, Woman & Tears, a concept shop that mixes HIP HOP fashion and luxury fashion. It has become a core antenna shop where artists and designers from all over the world stop by. In 10, he launched UNITED ARROWS & SONS and served as its director. Became independent in 18, and currently works as a collaborative curator for Yohji Yamamoto's conceptual project WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO, as well as a fashion curator for Parco's 2G, where you can experience art toys, art, and fashion.
As for his own projects, he released the Levi'sR Made & CraftedR x POGGYTHEMAN collection in AW 18, and the JIMMY CHOO / ERIC HAZE curated by POGGY collection in AW 21. POGGY'S BOX, which is held in a POP UP format, also works to introduce young Japanese brands overseas. Selected for the 2023 BoF500, a selection of the most influential people in the fashion industry by the editors of The Business of Fashion

Instagram: @poggytheman

  • This is the model worn by POGGY

    WILDSIDE×MINEDENIM R.Wool Flannel Check Embroidery Open Collar SH

    WILDSIDE×MINEDENIM R.Wool Flannel Check Embroidery Open Collar SH

  • WILDSIDE×MINEDENIM Leopard Fur Lining Black Denim Trucker JKT

    WILDSIDE×MINEDENIM Leopard Fur Lining Black Denim Trucker JKT