Vol.2 Yoshimasa Hoshiba

Daily close, MINEDENIM as a style

Yoshimasa Hoshiba
Yoshimasa Hoshiba

  • SV S.Slim STR 5pocket RGD

SV S.Slim STR 5pocket RGD


When did Mr. Hoshiba consciously start wearing denim for the first time?

Yoshimasa Hoshiba (hereinafter referred to as "Hoshiba")_Maybe I was conscious of something like elementary school.
I think it was a Big John setup for kids that my parents bought.The silhouette of denim at that time was a little bootcut rather than straight.I used to wear it when I went to Mother Farm or an amusement park with my family and uncles ...
I remember I didn't really like the boot-cut silhouette (laughs)

It was Levi's that I started to buy after thinking about it myself.The very first is 501.
I think I bought it next to Ameyoko.I was born in Bunkyo Ward and lived in Komagome, but from there I used to ride a bicycle with my friends to Ueno.Takahiro Miyashita (hereinafter referred to as Miyashita), who is the director of Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist, was a good friend of his classmates in junior high school, so I went to various second-hand clothing stores with him, and went to Shibuya and Harajuku. It was.Of course, I went to the side of Ameyoko (laughs)

So that's it.Did you like to buy rigid?Or is it old clothes?

Hoshiba_I think it was rigid or 1 wash at first.After a while, you bought a used 501.Mr. Miyashita wore a 66 model of Levi's, which is good for old clothes and discolored.
I was asked to sell it, "Would you like to wear this?"There weren't many really good discolorations, so I used to ask my friends to give it to me, sell it, or buy it at a second-hand clothing store.

Most of them were Levi's 501s, but after Miyashita went to New York and Los Angeles, Jillbo also wore them on his waist.Please buy it as a souvenir.In New York at that time, Puerto Ricans and blacks were very cool, and they wore Jilbo.Besides, the latest Nike sneakers and tops were wearing photo-printed T-shirts such as Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber, and I went to Shibaura Gold.That was when I was 18 years old.I still felt like I was dragging astringent swords around me.From that time on, Miyashita had a great sense and was faster than anyone else, so he inspired me in various fashions.

Is it still possible to grow from rigid?

Hoshiba_No, it's almost nonexistent. I became the editor-in-chief of "FORZA STYLE" and had a tie-up with Levi's project. At that time, I went to Levi's <Vintage Clothing> in Shinjuku.At that time, I bought a guy that was close to rigid for the first time in a while, but I still messed with the silhouette.The sleeves and the silhouette of the pants.After all, considering that jeans that fit my silhouette, 501 doesn't fit.
I like it, but of course.I like it, but mine denim is perfect for me.

I've been wearing a lot of jeans from different brands.When I wore mine denim, I wondered "Why does it look so good?", And among them, Super Slim is perfect for me.When I first bought it, it was too small to fit in, and when I raised it by another inch and wore it, I thought, "This is it!", And 1 inches was perfect, so I started to wear it with 31 inches.

Was there still a lot of black denim as a basis?

Hoshiba_ Basically it is black, but I wear it all.Of course I wore blue and black, and I wore anything.After all, I like the basic one, so considering the color fading, I really like the color fading like vintage Levi's.Isn't it attractive that the taste comes out? I hadn't been able to grow denim, so what would happen if I grew it on a line that was perfect for me?I'm really looking forward to it.

I didn't wear the same jeans so much, and the one I liked and wore all the time was Levi's, and I wore it so much that it became tattered from about 15 years old, but I never wore it until it became tattered after I became an adult. It's hard to wear, and I don't wear it every day.

Do you often wear boots for shoes that you are particular about when wearing denim?

Hoshiba_is that so.The hem width of Super Slim is quite thin for ordinary people, isn't it?But this shape is perfect, so if you think of boots that don't block it too much, it's either mine denim boots, suede black boots that I make (WH), or Saint Laurent boots. I often wear black suede because of the great influence of Mr.Also, I really like Red Wing for generations, so I think it's a super sole, an Irish setter, or a rough out suede beige engineer boot with a low buckle.

Is the silhouette the place you were particular about when making this collaboration jeans?

Hoshiba_The silhouette of Mine Denim's Super Slim was just right for my legs (laughs) However, there was no Super Slim with selvedge, so I asked for it. It depends on what you received.I wondered if it would be a good expression when Atari appeared on the side. I didn't do it from scratch, so it would be fun to grow it.Changes in discoloration.Actually, I would like to wear the same two and enjoy the difference over time.

It was a selvedge aiming for armpit puckering.

Hoshiba_I didn't have jeans with such a beautiful silhouette like I do now.When I was astringent, I used to wear it down to the position of my butt.I think that was when I was in high school.That's when I was with Miyashita-kun, it was a time when it was awkward to wear it at the waist, so if you're not good at it, you're wearing your hips, right?(Laughs) It's probably the first generation of hip wear that was popular, maybe we.The waist gives a sense of generation, isn't it, fashion?We wore it on the waist, but when we were older than that, we wore it with a completely different silhouette.

In addition to denim, it was basic to drop pants and trousers and wear them on the waist, but I feel like I've finally begun to wear denim about 15 years ago (). Smile)

Yoshimasa Hoshiba
Yoshimasa Hoshiba

Representative Director of Style Clinic Co., Ltd.
Editor-in-chief of "FORZA STYLE" (Kodansha)
Fashion director
Brand Creative Director

1973.Born in Tokyo.He was born as the son of a tailor who has continued for three generations and became an editor from the age of 20.
He has edited "MA-1", "Mono Magazine", and "Esquire Japan Version", and launched a number of popular men's magazines such as "LEON" and "OCEANS". He became independent at the age of 37, established Style Clinic Co., Ltd., and became the representative director.
In 2013, he became the editor-in-chief of "Sette Mari", a men's and women's magazine that loves cruise ships.
Currently, we propose a high-quality lifestyle centered on videos.
He is active as the editor-in-chief of Kodansha's web magazine "FORZA STYLE".

His activities extend beyond the boundaries of the media, including newspapers, television, magazines, radio, talk shows, events, and brand production.

Instagram @yoshimasa_hoshiba is also popular.

Height 177cm Wearing size 31inch

  • SV S.Slim STR 5pocket RGD

    WTNB. Wide Work PS

    Yoshimasa Hoshiba made a special order for MINEDENIM and redrawn from the pattern
    Mr. Hoshiba's original model.
    ・ 13.5oz indigo selvedge stretch denim is used
    Rigid finish

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