Vol.4 Keisuke Baba

Daily close, MINEDENIM as a style

Keisuke Baba
Baba Keisuke

  • Keisuke Baba

  • Keisuke Baba

“Royal Warrant Society”

Please let us know if you have any particular concerns when wearing denim.

Keisuke Baba (hereinafter referred to as Baba)_Pants length, a sense of length.

Do silhouettes have different tastes depending on the times?

(I.e._ No, do you only wear slender clothes?nowadays.When I was young, I used to wear dubbed denim.

Did you care about the length even when you were wearing that dubbed denim?

(I.e._Yeah, I didn't think about anything when I was young (laughs)

Isn't it short to match boots now?

(I.e._Yeah, when I wear boots and Dr. Martens, I see XNUMX holes and XNUMX holes by myself and roll XNUMX roll, XNUMX rolls, XNUMX rolls, so I wonder if it will change.

Keisuke Baba

By the way, the denim that Mr. Baba is wearing now is a model called S.Slim, but if you have any points you like about this denim, please tell us.

(I.e._I wonder if it's a silhouette.Also, the ratio of waist, hips, and thighs is just right ... the balance is familiar.

The damage on the right knee is getting pretty good!

(I.e._ (December) It's cold! (Smile)

  • Keisuke Baba

  • Keisuke Baba

  • Seasonal model of 107N S. Slim representing MINEDENIM Design that the iconic left knee patch is eye-catching

  • Keisuke Baba

Keisuke Baba stylist

Born in Kumamoto
Traveled to England at the age of 26
Studied under return stylist Atsushi Okubo
Concurrently serves as a director and designer of the brand "GB" that started with nano universe
Started the brand "ENGLATAILOR by GB", which he is the director of.
Presided over "ROYAL WARRANT SOCIETY" on the XNUMXth Thursday of every other month as a place where British lovers in Tokyo gather
Opened "Council Flat 1", a shop dealing in used British clothing, and also serves as the owner.
Brand "NORMAN" start

He still works as a stylist for many magazines, musicians, actors and talents.

Height 174cm Wearing size 32inch

  • Keisuke Baba

  • Keisuke Baba

Council Flat 1
TEL: 03-6807-0812
Business hours: 12: 00-19: 00 * Sunday 12: 00-18: 00 (irregular holidays)

  • The model worn by Keisuke Baba is this

    107N S. Slim

    107N S. Slim

    12oz original black stretch denim is used on both knees
    Super slim 5-pocket jeans with bold damage processing.
    In addition, a leopard pattern is applied to the left knee.
    Flocky printed black
    A patch with a lettered print on denim looks out from the damage
    One that seems to be MINEDENIM.

    * Currently, it is not available because it is sold out.