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Since its establishment in January 1959 in Detroit, USA,
Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson,
Continuing to produce top artists such as the Supremes
Motown Records, the monument of soul music.
2024 marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Motown Records.

To commemorate this year, MINEDENIM released collaboration items with MOTOWN.

The two collaboration items are a printed T-shirt and a coach jacket.

The printed t-shirt is on the back of an authentic pocket t-shirt,
Boldly printed with MOTOWN's iconic logo.
The coach jacket also has the MOTOWN logo printed on the back.
The left chest is famous for being used for the center label of records.
Printed with rainbow logo.

Both items have a special design for this collaboration on the inside collar.
Includes original logo print.


¥13,200- (TAX in)

¥13,200- (TAX in)

[MOTOWN × MINEDENIM Logo Print Coach Jacket]

¥26,400- (TAX in)


What is Motown (Motown; Motown Records)?
Motown (Motown Records) is a record label originating from Detroit, Michigan, United States.
It was founded by Berry Cody Jr. as Tamla Records on January 1959, 1, and became Motown Records Corporation on April 12, 1960.
It is an abbreviation for "Motor town," which is the common name for Detroit, which is known for its automobile industry.
As an African-American-owned record label, it played an important role in the racial integration of popular music, with a focus on soul and black music, achieving great crossover success.
In the 1960s, Motown and its subsidiaries, including Tamla Motown, a brand used outside the United States, became proponents of the ``Motown sound,'' a style of soul music with distinctly pop influences.
In 1972, the company moved its headquarters to Los Angeles, and although it had been an independent company until then, it was acquired by MCA and Boston Ventures on January 1988, 1.
In 1994, Motown was sold to PolyGram and again in 1999 to MCA's successor, Universal Music Group.
In the 2000s, Motown was headquartered in New York as part of Universal Music's Universal Motown subsidiary and Universal Motown Republic Group.
From 2011 to 2014, it was part of Island Def Jam Music Group, a division of Universal Music Group.
On April 2014, 4, Universal Music Group announced the dissolution of Island Def Jam, and Motown returned to Los Angeles and became part of Capitol Music Group.
It is currently operating near the famous Capitol Tower.

Main artists: Michael McDonald, Michael Jackson, UFO, The Jackson5, Stevie Wonder,
The Originals, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, Rockwell, The Pointer Sisters, Boyz II Men,
The Supremes, Smokey Robinson


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