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THE GO-GO'S x MINEDENIM special collaboration items will be on sale from 2024:5 on Saturday, May 11, 12.

1978 The Go-Go's, formed in LA He has been an indispensable part of the punk scene, and most importantly, his self-produced and self-performed albums have been released in the United States to this day. 1 They are the only female band to have won the number one spot.
1981 The debut album “Beauty And The Beat” on the U.S. album chart. 6 consecutive weeks 1 achieved the first 24 He was nominated for the ``Best New Artist Award'' at the Grammy Awards. With such brilliant achievements,THE GO-GO'S(Go-Go’s)” MINEDENIM is a collaboration.

The available items are characterized by a soft touch and a vintage-like feel. 30 / -A print that uses an original body using cotton jersey. T The shirt is 2

GO-GO'S "Vacation" Print Crewneck T-SH〉

On the front 1982 His second studio album, released in 2008,Vacation” album artwork is printed. The album's iconic logo is boldly printed on the back, and there is also a small print on the back neck. THE GO-GO'S printed with the logo. An original collaboration logo specially designed for this collaboration is printed on the inside of the collar.


On the front THE GO-GO'S We unearthed vintage tour posters from among the many visual images possessed by2022 held in 'NORTH AMERICAN TOUR '22” A redesigned tour poster will be printed. Small on the back neck part THE GO-GO'S printed with the logo. An original collaboration logo specially designed for this collaboration is printed on the inside of the collar.

*This product is not pre-washed, so some shrinkage will occur during washing and drying. When choosing a size, please choose a slightly larger size.

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<THE GO-GO'S(The Go-Go's)>

by Jane Wiedlin and Belinda Carlisle 1978 Formed in . Music connoisseur Charlotte Caffey soon announced her participation, as well as Margot Olavarria and Elisa Bello. 5 Start with people. Through the withdrawal of members and the addition of new members, etc. 1970 In the late 1990s, they were active as a punk/new wave band in Los Angeles with support from Madness.1980 Margot left the band in 2012 and Kathy Valentine joined.1981 The label founded by Miles Copeland in IRSShe signed a record contract and released her debut album ``Beauty and the Beat.'' Initially, they were not well received as an all-female band, but they gradually gained popularity and eventually became the first all-female band to have a number one album in the United States. 6 The album was featured in the US magazine Rolling Stone's ``500 Greatest Album All time"of 414 Ranked in the following year 1982 ``Vacation'',1984 Both albums were hits, including ``Talk Show'' in 2009, but the band 1985 Disbanded in . Even after their disbandment, they have reunited regularly several times, and are active in activities such as TV appearances and concerts.2001 In 2017, they also released the album ``God Bless the Go-Go's''.2020 In 2017, the documentary film “The Go-Go'sWith the release of `` 20 This is the first new song in a year.Club Zero"including EP"Beatnik Beach Summer"announced.
2021 He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in2023 Belinda Carlyle announced the group's disbandment in 2017.



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