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Burn After Reading No.97

"KANEKO OPTICAL × MINEDENIM" A collaboration item has been released with Kaneko Optical, an original brand named after Japan's proud eyewear manufacturer. This oval type, which MINEDENIM director Tsuyoshi Noguchi has been incorporating into his style since the early 2000s, is also known to have been used by NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain, and is still paid homage to around the world. This iconic shape was commissioned to Kaneko Optical to be produced. It has a heavy feel and is more prominent when combined with modern styling. Oval Type.01 Sunglasses The Wellington type is unobtrusive and fits everyone regardless of age or occasion, and is available in two colors, black and tote shell, which can be worn all year round. It goes particularly well with denim, and is recommended for women as well as those who like American casual style. Wellington Type.2 Sunglasses Each brand is engraved on the inside of the temple. These models are made from scratch and carefully polished by craftsmen one by one, and are packed with the high technical skills that only Kaneko Optical can achieve. All of them have a universal design and an outstanding silhouette that is not influenced by trends. They are now on sale at the MINEDENIM ONLINE STORE. [Product details here] <Kaneko Optical> Kaneko Optical is a specialized manufacturer based in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, that handles everything from the production to the sale of glasses. In 01, the company started out as a wholesaler of glasses, planning and designing, and also began producing original items. In 1958, the company participated in world-famous glasses exhibitions such as Mido in Milan and Silmo in Paris, where it gained recognition, and in 1998 it opened its first directly managed store in Soho, New York. Currently, the company is further increasing its presence in the scene through collaborations with various brands and shops.

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