This collaboration to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the MINEDENIM brand is
Two types of jackets and pants that successfully combine the essence of each other's brands.

  • SOPHNET. × MINEDENIM Denim Tailored JKT

    Light Denim Allinone

    Based on the jacket design of SOPHNET.
    MINEDENIM original cotton wool denim is used for the outer material.
    A slender fit with a moderate shape at the waist, by eliminating the shoulder pads
    Achieves a light wearing feeling that you can't think of as a denim jacket.
    MINEDENIM original black leopard pattern on the lining
    Using jacquard cupra, it was finished with full back specifications.
    Available in two colors, black and navy.


    Denim Short Trucker JKT / Denim H / W 80S PS

    Track pants that can be coordinated by setting up with a jacket
    This is also based on SOPHNET.'S original design, MINEDENIM's original
    Uses cotton wool denim.It is light and comfortable, but has a warm texture.
    Elastic shirring on the waist and hem for a sporty look.
    In addition, by incorporating a zip in the hem, it is easy to put on and take off.
    Available in two colors, black and navy.


1998 Hirofumi Kiyonaga started "SOPH." In search of sophisticated everyday wear.
(Renamed the brand name to "SOPHNET." In 2002)
With a minimal design as the axis, details that are faithful to the usage of the surplus,
Focusing on materials that pursue outdoor functions, we have developed a real clothes that sublimates its high functionality into everyday wear.
He also collaborated with contemporary artist Tatsuo Miyajima, British art master Julian Opie, and American Jack Pierson.
From early on, we released clothing that fused fashion with art.
Announcing a collection focusing on creation.
A total of all the essential elements of modern men's fashion
It is still evolving as a representative that contributed to the maturity of the domestic brand.