Vol.6 Yuhei Murata

Daily close, MINEDENIM as a style

Yuhei Murata
Yuhei Murata

  • Yuhei Murata

“Guilty Parties”

What model are you wearing?

Mr. Yuhei Murata (hereafter Murata)_WACKOMARIA x MINEDENIM collaboration MINEDENIM-WM-PT01.

Are you particular about wearing denim?

(I.e._I have a weird obsession with when and how often I wash my clothes.
The first laundry is washed in the washing machine, and after that, the clothes are soaked in the bathtub with the clothes on, and dirt and odors are removed with an ordinary commercially available body soap.
(Personally, it seems that the color will fade naturally...)

Please tell me the point of wearing the denim you are wearing.

(I.e._Originally it was a lightly damaged washed denim, but I like the part where the fabric is worn out and worn out and aged.
In particular, the back pocket on the left side has a flashy hole, and I especially like the way the holes are opened.
Wearing size is L size.

  • Yuhei Murata

  • Yuhei Murata

  • Yuhei Murata

Regarding coordination, please tell us about items other than denim.

(I.e._ Shirt: WACKO MARIA, T-shirt: Old clothes, Shoes: VANS, Bracelet: HERMES, Necklace: WACKO MARIA×CAREERING
I unconsciously wear clothes from WACKO MARIA, where I work, even in private, but I often pair them with old clothes.
When it comes to choosing second-hand clothes, I often coordinate with the image source of WACKO MARIA clothes, promo T-shirts from movies that are the source material, and pants and outerwear that match the age.

  • Yuhei Murata

  • Yuhei Murata

  • Yuhei Murata

Yuhei Murata WACKO MARIA / Press

Height 182cm Wearing size L

COM'S FORUM 153F, 0043-2-3 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 2-1
TEL: 03-6427-0280
Business hours: 12:00-20:00 (irregular holidays)
website: https://wackomaria.co.jp/
WACKO MARIA Instagram: @wackomaria_guiltyparties
PARADISE TOKYO Instagram: @paradisetokyo_wackomaria

  • The model worn by Yuhei Murata is this


    stretch slim tapered 6 pocket jean.