Made To Order

Made To Order

In MINEDENIM's Made to Order, choose your favorite style from 4 carefully selected silhouettes.
It is a service that you can order patterns.
You can choose the fabric, buttons, rivets and finishes from your favorite.
The appointed staff will guide you at the salon about the ordering method and details so that the first item you want will be finished.


The fabrics that can be used in Made to Order
The fabrics selected by MINEDENIM
Original fabric developed independently
Fabric with cashmere in the weft, etc.
Not only the appearance but also the comfort
We have the highest quality fabrics.


Rigid finish that utilizes the texture of denim as it is
One wash finish that gives texture and softness.
It has a tasteful expression that makes you feel like you're wearing it.
USED ​​finish etc. are available.


Once the silhouette, fabric and finish are decided
Finally, select the button and rivet.
From standard ones
You can choose only by Made to Order
Sterling silver, gold, etc.
Special items are also available.

All orders are in the MINEDENIM atelier
Tailored by hand and used only in Made to Order
Gold studs struck, with a dock tag
We will put it in a special order box and deliver it to our customers.

Price ¥ 51,920- ¥ 326,000 (+ TAX)
Delivery time 3 to 7 weeks Varies depending on the time and content.